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St. Paul's is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  This nationwide church body is broken down into 65 regional synods.  St. Paul's is part of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin.  The  Northwest Synod of Wisconsin is comprised of 201 congregations, over 106,000 members, and over 300 clergy and rostered church leaders. 


The map to the right shows the synod and outline of the seven synod conferences.  St. Paul's is a member of number six -- the Chequamegon Conference.



"Synod means walking together, which describes our interdependent ministry relationship as we support mission partners, carry out synodical and churchwide initiatives, provide for education events and leadership training, respond to disaster and emergency needs and heed the call to be a church engaged in all the world."  (NW Synod of WI)



The synod offers many support services to church staff and members as well as a variety  of educational events and retreats.  St. Paul's was blessed to receive a 3-year ministry grant from the ELCA through the help of the synod staff.  There are also many ways in which we, St. Paul's, support the work of our synod through our givings, special offerings, participation in synod events, and prayer.  In addition, we have two companion synods across the world that we support - the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malawi (ELCM) and Sínodo Centro-Campanha Sul of the IECLB in Brazil.



Click here to learn more about our synod - the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin.




December 12, 2017

- Worship Services -


8:00 am Worship

9:00 am Fellowship

9:00 am Sunday School

10:15 am Worship



6:00 pm Worship

(Wednesday worship services are a shorter version of the previous Sunday's service)



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