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We believe at St. Paul's that children are not just the church of tomorrow but are also the church of today!  We intentionally involve children in our worship services in a variety of ways.  We also put a great deal of effort into providing them with an enriching and enjoyable Sunday School experience.


WonderSundaySchoolYearEnd 2016ful Spring & Sunday School Celebration held Sunday, April 17 Thanks to all who made our Celebration Sunday a glorious day with: Good Shepherd worship, potluck, fellowship, Sunday School celebration with our teachers, shepherds, choir members, and the congregation all singing "Shout to the Lord" together with our students!  Thanks be to God! 

Our last day of Sunday School until this fall was Sunday, April 17. 

Sunday School will resume agian on September 18, 2016.


Here are some questions and facts about Sunday School at St. Paul's:


When and where is Sunday School held? IMG 1856
Sunday School beings each Sunday at 9:00 am in the Sunday School Commons area - the gathering area in the basement of the church addition.  Follow the yellow signs found at the main entrance and the Welcome Hall.


Sunday School ends at 10:00 am.  Due to large enrollment and safety reasons, we require parents to come down to the Sunday School area to sign in/ sign out their children.


This year Sunday School is held from September 18, 2016 to April 9, 2017.



What are the ages for Sunday School?

Sunday School is for grades Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade.


Parents are welcome to send their children to Sunday School when ever they feel comfortable.  We do ask that the children be potty trained. 



What is Sunday School like?

The Sunday School students start at 9:00 with Sunday School leaders and teachers leading the children in fun songs!  Throughout the year the students then sing the songs they've learned during worship services on a regular basis.    


After warming up with songs, the children break off into their classrooms for the Sunday
School lesson.  The lessons are taught by volunteer teachers.  St. Paul's uses Rotational Sunday School in which the children study one Bible story for several weeks and "rotate" each week to a different learning experience.  The Bible stories are brought to life through games, art, music, cooking, drama, and science, to accommodate all the different ways kids learn.  This model of Sunday School has been very successful and fun for both the students and teachers!


With the completion of the building addition, St. Paul's added much needed classroom space.  We now have many Sunday School rooms with the rotational model uses, such as the: Drama room, Movie room, Art room, Science room, etc.  The students and teachers love their Sunday School rooms!



Do I or my children have to be members to participate in Sunday School?

No, you or your child do not have to be members to attend Sunday School.  All children are welcome to attend!  Invite your family and friends with you to Sunday School!



Register for Sunday School! REGISTER YOUR CHILD NOW!  Please click the link below to complete your registration online - it only takes a few seconds! THANKS!



Help teach Sunday School! If you are interested in teaching or helping with Sunday School, please click here to be taken to our For Teachers page.

December 11, 2017

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6:00 pm Worship

(Wednesday worship services are a shorter version of the previous Sunday's service)



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