GoodSearch & GoodShop

Raising funds for St. Paul's while surfing the web!



What is GoodSearch?

Everytime you surf the web, you can raise funds for St. Paul's!  It's fun and FREE and it's for a good cause!  If more St. Paul's members and friends were to jump on board with, we could easily be earning 5 dollars a day or more for the church ministries!  Since family & friends of St. Paul's starting using GoodSearch in 2007, we have raised over $1,200 for various ministries! 


Here is how it works:

Log onto the Internet and go to (or click here to be taken to the site)

Once there, click "Choose your cause" under the search area. 














A new pop-up will appear and ask you "Who do you GoodSearch for?"  Then type in "St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church"  Then click the button "Verify"














It will then show you a list of "St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church."  Scroll down and click on the second one from the top - the one that says "St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Medford, WI)."  Then click the button "Start Earning Now!"













Then simply search the web like you would use Google or Yahoo. 

Every search you do on GoodSearch will earn St. Paul's a penny!




What is GoodShop?
Another great way to raise funds is by using GoodShop.  A percentage of every purchase you make at certain online retailers is given back to St. Paul's. 


To use GoodShop, you simply click on the "GoodShop" link on the left side of the GoodSearch website. 
















You then will see a list of hundreds of online retailers (such as:, BestBuy, Target, etc.) and the percentage of your purchase that store will give back to St. Paul's.  The percentages St. Paul's gets back can range from .05% to over 10% depending on the retailer.  Find a retailer that you want to shop at and click on that retailer's logo. 













You will then be directed to that online retailer's website.  You will not see the actual percentage St. Paul's receives when you checkout but the amount will be added later to St. Paul's summary page.
















 Here is a video with more information on GoodSearch



  Thank you for using GoodSearch and GoodShop!

December 12, 2017

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