Scrip Program

A way to shop and raise money for St. Paul's ministries at the same time! 


What is Scrip?

Scrip refers to shopping cards and you use them just like gift cards.  St. Paul's is able to
purchase these Scrip shopping cards from hundreds of retailers nationwide at a discount, which you can then buy at face value.  The difference is our profit.  The percentage St. Paul's receives from the sale of Scrip cards varies from 1.5% to over 16% depending on the retailer.


Scrip cards are the same shopping cards that you would purchase if you went direct to the retailer.  By purchasing these Scrip cards before you shop for your everyday items - like groceries, gas, clothing, restaurants, etc... we raise money for ministries!


Scrip cards also make GREAT GIFTS!


How does it work -- does it cost me anything extra?

  1. No, you purchase a Scrip card at St. Paul's at regular price -- a $25 card costs you $25
  2. Use your Scrip card just like cash
  3. It's as simple as that!  When you purchase a Scrip card from St. Paul's, it costs you nothing extra but St. Paul's earns money for ministry!


Where do the profits go?

In 2016, the profits from the Scrip program are divided equally among these four great ministries and organizations:

1)  Benevolence - this is our support of our greater church - the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)!
2)  SPY - St. Paul's Youth grades 6-12.  They have some great activities and trips planned the next several years!
3)  Building Mortgage - we are blessed to have our wonderful facility that is used in so many ways and for so many ministries!

4)  Community Support --- this year we are supporting Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum that will soon be open in our community!



What retailers offer the Scrip cards?

St. Paul's has many Scrip cards on hand to purchase.  The retailers we have cards for & the dollar amounts of the cards available are:

  • Ace Hardware     ($25)
  • Amazon    ($25, $100)
  • Arby's     ($10)
  • County Market (Medford location only)     ($25 and $100)
  • Hallmark     ($25)
  • Happy Joe's     ($10)
  • Hardee's     ($10)
  • KFC     ($5)
  • Kohls     ($25, $50, $100)
  • Kwik Trip     ($25, $50, and $100)
  • Sears/Kmart     ($25 and $100)
  • Subway     ($10)
  • Target    ($25, $50, and $100)
  • Texas Roadhouse    ($25)
  • Wal-mart     ($25 and $100)

PLUS, we have a list of over 300 retailers you can pre-order cards from! Click here to see the list of retailers, the dollar amount of cards available, and the percentages they give back to St. Paul's.



How do I purchase Scrip cards?

You can purchase the cards at church on Sunday or anytime during the week when the church office is open.  On Sunday mornings, after both worship services, there is a person selling Scrip in the Welcome Hall.  To purchase the scrip cards, you can pay in cash or write a check to "St. Paul's". 


You can also pre-order cards by calling the church office or emailing Julie Tlusty, scrip coordinator.  Click here to download/print a pre-order form to order Scrip cards from the nationwide list.   If you'd like to place an order, all you have to do is email Julie and include your name, phone #, what cards and how many you'd like order.  It only takes about a week to get the cards in.  You then will pay St. Paul's when you pick up the cards from the church office.


Any questions, please contact Julie Tlusty or the church office.

Thank you for supporting St. Paul's Scrip program!

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