ELCA Malaria Campaign

---  A child dies every 60 seconds from Malaria.

---  Malaria is a leading cause of death in Africa.


These are facts that CAN be changed!


The ELCA Malaria Campaign, which started in August of 2011, is committed to raising $15 million in three years to help our sisters and brothers in Africa end this terrible disease.  Working though Lutheran churches that are already established in Africa, the ELCA is able to provide mosquito nets, insecticides, medication, health care, education and more to help eliminate deaths from Malaria.


This campaign means a little more to all of us in the Northwest Synod of WI as our companion synod - the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malawi (ELCM) and the people of Malawi are greatly affected by this disease.


2014 THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP EMPTYING THE NETS!  St. Paul's raised $1,415 in 2014!  Mosquito

In 2014, St. Paul's raised $1,415 for the ELCA Malaria Campaign by eliminating the pipe cleaner mosquiotes that invaded the church!  A $5 donation removed one of these pesky pests from the mosquito net in the Welcome Hall.  Our goal was to get rid of all of the mosquitoes on the net!  The $1,415 we raise from these exterminations will be sent to the ELCA Malaria Campaign to be used for programs that educate people, train leaders, and prevent malaria.  So all together, the past three years St. Paul's has raised over $5,000 for the ELCA Malaria Nets1Campaign.  All totaled, we the ELCA, have raised over $12 of our $15 million dollar goal to help end Malaria.  We are making a difference!  Thank you!  God's Work. Our Hands.

Click here to learn more about the campaign





2013Last year (2012), our church the ELCA, started a three-year campaign to help eliminate Malaria.  Malaria is a devastating disease transmitted by mosquitoes that is the 2nd leading cause of death in Africa.  Sadly, it claims a life of a child every 60 seconds.  The goal of the campaign is to raise $15 million by 2015.  So far we, the ELCA, have raised over $7 million and our impact has already been felt with all the lives saved!


In 2013, St. Paul's, raised over $1,700 for the campaign!  Thank you for your support!  This is what $1,700 can do:  -- buy 170 mosquito nets -- provide medicine to treat 850 people -- protect 850 women & children from Malaria -- train 17 village health teams to prevent Malaria   Click here to learn more about the campaign




May was Malaria Awareness Month at St. Paul's in which our goal was to raise at least $1,500 in May to help put an end to Malaria!  Malaria is a devastating disease that is the 2nd leading cause of death in Africa.IN 2012, WE'VE RAISED OVER $1,900 SO FAR.......THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS GIVING!
You can continue to please place your donations in the offering plate or in the box by the display in the Welcome Hall.



Below is a video about the ELCA Malaria Campaign:


 Click here to learn more and to donate to the ELCA Malaria Campaign.


 "God's Work. Our Hand's."

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