Fair Trade - Equal Exchange


Unfortunately, in our global marketplace, many farmers in developing nations are not being paid enough for their product in order to be able to put food on their table or shoes on their feet.


Fair Trade-Equal Exchange is a program that markets and sells products produced by co-operatives of farmers who receive a better price for their high-quality organic products such as: coffees, teas, chocolates, bananas, olive oil, and almonds.   The Fair Trade program removes many steps/distributors in the sales process.  This results in the farmers being compensated more for their product and in turn, improving their quality of life.



How you can help at Paul's!

There are several varieties of Equal Exchange coffee and chocolate available for sale at St. Paul's.  You can find the products located in the "Coffee Corner" in the Welcome Hall. 




 Here is a video showing the benefits of participating in Fair Trade:



Click here to learn more about Fair Trade.

December 12, 2017

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