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What time are the worship services at St. Paul's?Worship Reformation 2013

Sunday Worship at:

8:00 am 

10:15 am


Wednesday Evening Worship

at 6:00 pm


(the service/message on Wednesdays is usually the same from the previous if you miss worship on Sunday - you can worship on Wednesday) 



What time is Sunday School?

Sunday School is held on Sundays during St. Paul's Education Hour which is 9:00 to 10:00 am.  It is open to all Pre-Kindergarteners to 6th graders.  Click here to learn more about Sunday School at St. Paul's.


Sunday School is held from September to April.



How do I get to St. Paul's?

St. Paul's is located at 321 N. Park Ave  Medford, WI 54451.  Click here to be taken to our directions/map page.



Is the church disability accessible?

Yes, a church addition was recently completed in which the church became disability accessible.  The main entrance has a covered, level entrance with push button automatic doors.  Once inside the Welcome Hall, there is a ramp or an elevator that you can take to get to the worship area and handicap accessible restrooms.  We also have space in the worship area to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. 



What do I wear?

We encourage you to wear clothes that are comfortable!  Some people wear dress clothes, while others will wear very casual clothes.  No matter if you wear a tuxedo or jeans, please know that you are welcome here!



Will I be singled out as a guest?

No.  St. Paul's does not specifically point out guests as part of our worship service, but we do make an effort to greet everyone and welcome our guests.  We do encourage guests to fill out a Welcome Card found in the worship seating area and place it in the offering plate or give to one of the pastors after the service.  This is just to know who has and an opportunity for you to write down comments or questions for the pastors.  Everyone is welcome to speak with the pastors or staff members before or after the service if they have questions.  We also have ushers at each service who will greet you and help answer any questions.



What is the worship experience like?

St. Paul's offers a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary music during our worship services.  A typical worship service has a blend of hymns, readings, prayers, and a sermon from one of our pastors.  Click here to learn more about worship at St. Paul's. 



Are children welcome?

Absolutely!  Children are always welcomed at St. Paul's!  We want families to be able to worship together.  We also encourage children participation with children's sermons and the Sunday School children performing a song or two throughout the year. 


You are welcome to bring any toys, books, items you need for your child with you into the
worship seating.  We also have Children's Activity Bags available in the narthex that the children are welcome to use during the worship service.  The bags have crayons,coloring books, etc.


We understand that sometimes children may need space to move around or let out a yell.  If feel you need to take your child out of worship, you are welcome to bring them to the "Kids' Korner" area in the Welcome Hall.  This area has a variety of toys and books for the children to play with.  For parents, it has seating and the ability to follow along with worship via a close circuit TV which broadcasts the service. 


                                                                                                                      Kids' Korner


What are the sermons like?

Click here to listen to recent sermons.



Do I have to give an offering?

St. Paul's does not require anyone to give a monetary offering.  An offering plate is passed during the worship service, at which you may give as you feel called.  All offerings are deeply appreciated as they are used to further Christ's message to others.



Can I participate in Communion if I am not a member of St. Paul's?

Yes!  All who believe that Christ is truly present in the bread and wine of Holy Communion are invited to join us at the Lord's Table.  We believe that denominational differences disappear at the Lord's Table.  Whether Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, or no denomination in particular, the one bread and one cup we share reminds us that our unity is found in the mercy of Jesus Christ.  We are united in our need for forgiveness and in the grace given to us through the meal.  Click here to learn more about Holy Communion.



How do I become a member of St. Paul's?

If you would like to become a member, we offer new member classes throughout the year.  You only need to attend one class.  Click here to learn more about becoming a member.



I have other questions about St. Paul's, who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact the church office at 715-748-4909 to speak with our pastor or our secretary, Julie Rodman.  Email is another good way to contact the church staff.  Click here to be directed to our Staff page, which lists the staff email addresses.


Also, feel free to check out our monthly church newsletter that has a lot of information on our ministires, worship, and upcoming events.  Click here to view the current and past newsletters.



All are Welcome! 

February 20, 2018

- Worship Services -


8:00 am Worship

9:00 am Fellowship

9:00 am Sunday School

10:15 am Worship



6:00 pm Worship

(Wednesday worship services are a shorter version of the previous Sunday's service)



About St. Paul's

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Where are we located?

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What's happening at St. Paul's?

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Serving Others!

Have a desire to help out at St. Paul's, in the community or across the world?  Click here to learn about the opportunities to serve. 


What is the ELCA?

Find out about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the history of this wonderful organization on our The ELCA page.

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